Bitcoin Press Release: The Blueprint For Disintermediated Financial Services, Vaultbank aims to make cryptocurrency usable and the Vaultbank token stable through a portfolio of real credit assets paying a quarterly dividend.

October 19 2017, San Francisco, USA – Vaultbank, the ultimate bank and exchange for the cryptocurrency world, announces its Initial Coin Offering on November 9, 2017. The company will hold a pre-sale for accredited investors with 15% bonus for “early birds”, starting October 25th.

 Vaultbank merges Wall Street financial portfolio expertise with machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI),  and cryptocurrencies with financial services.

“We offer a suite of financial services to the crypto world: usability, low fees, reduced volatility, and quarterly dividends with the Vaultbank token. The internet of things is changing finance; we believe that our technology, exchange platform, and machine learning can benefit both cryptocurrencies and the financial industry.” – Christopher Cummock, Managing Director
The Blockchain Bank

Vaultbank utilizes proprietary technology of ML and AI to successfully develop asset-backed credit portfolios built with strategic partner Random Forest Capital, benefiting from a credit warehouse providing leveraged returns for investors.

Vaultbank will be the only bank you will need for everything crypto-related. Vaultbank’s Debit Card, offered in partnership with Volopa, allows cryptocurrency investors to use their holdings as tender at all point of sale terminals. Vaultbank’s debit card also provides the ability to facilitate FOREX with 17 currencies making crypto and banking services global.

Members of the Vaultbank team have managed portfolios worth billions of dollars, while others have engineered some of the world’s first cryptocurrencies.

The partnership of Vaultbank with Orderbook represents the crossover of top financial and technical talents. Orderbook by Ambisafe will provide the technology to ensure smooth execution of the project and the lowest cost most advanced crypto-trading available today.

“Andriy Zamovskiy is the former chief architect of Tether. Think about this token as Tether backed by secured credit assets which pays a dividend and continues to reinvest in the assets backing the token. The current market cap of Tether is 405 MM, and we are willing to bet that these same token holders would prefer an asset backed token with a dividend.”  – Austin Trombley, CEO
About Vaultbank

Vaultbank is a cryptocurrency based financial institution, providing foreign exchange capability with crypto trading terminal “Orderbook”, debit card usability, and offering tokens backed by secured credit assets with quarterly Ethereum dividends. Vaultbank’s user platform, Orderbook, enables Bloomberg terminal like trading capabilities; its debit cards offer use of tokens worldwide with leading foreign exchange transaction rates. The Vaultbank token is collateralized by a portfolio of secured credit assets, which are insured to deliver robust returns translating into stability and income for investors.

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